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From the moment I stood up on a surfboard, I was hooked... 


In fact, even before I managed to stand up, I was intrigued.


Just being in the sea between the horizon and the Northumbrian coastline, amongst the waves with the spray in my face, I knew immediately that surfing was what I wanted to do. Ever since, it has been my passion.

10 years ago was the beginning of an ongoing adventure... Surfing has taken me to some beautiful places, here in the UK, Portugal and Brazil. Along the way I have met several interesting people who have helped me to get to where I am today.  


I made the decision to instruct and coach surfing to help people to experience and benefit from the physical, mental and, dare I say it, spiritual rewards surfing can bring. For me, if I can introduce surfing through lessons that are safe and fun, then life feels good.

Myself and my son, Harry, also a qualified instructor, run surf lessons along the Northumbrian coastline all year round.


Sally Cook. 

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